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Kathleen Ardito

Titles: Library Clerk
Departments: Clerical Staff

Wendy Baker

Titles: Team 6-1 Language Arts Teacher, Student Council Advisor
Departments: Grade 6

Kristin Baltramaitis

Titles: Team 6-2 Social Studies Teacher
Departments: Grade 6

Laci Bergeron

Departments: Grade 7, English

George Bikakis

Titles: STEP teacher, Invention Convention Coordinator
Departments: STEP

Paul Bogush

Titles: Middle School Capstone
Departments: Capstone

Julianne Boucher

Titles: Music Teacher
Departments: Music

David Boudreau

Titles: Choral Director, Drama Advisor
Departments: Music

Mary Brail

Departments: Paraeducator

Abbe Buchanan

Departments: Paraeducator